Buy a Glasshouse


A glasshouse is a greenhouse constructed primarily from glass. A glasshouse allows the light to come in, but protects plants and vegetation from the wind, hail, birds and pests. Like a greenhouse, a glasshouse traps the sunlight (solar radiation) within its frame and thus creates a warmer environment for plants to grow (ie. the ‘greenhouse effect’). The glass paneling amplifies this effect, making glasshouses more effective than greenhouses at keeping plants warm in cold climate areas. Of course, hot conditions can be equally devastating, and so windows and other openings are used to regulate temperature as needed.


Glasshouses are becoming very popular in Australia, due to the increasing meteorological uncertainties facing hobbyists and commercial growers alike.

If you are looking to buy a glasshouse, the best place to start is online! When shopping for a new glasshouse, consider the reputation of the builder or manufacturer. Do they guarantee their work or product? What kind of glass do they use? How many days to build or deliver? Consider your needs, as to size, shape, even automation -automatic windows might be a good idea. There is much to consider, and you will need to choose the glasshouse that is right for you. To get started, visit Grow-Fresh Greenhouses, The Glasshouse Company or Winter Gardenz.